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We love getting involved with our community! While our school is small, our students have huge dreams and it's our mission to help them reach their goals, recreational or competitive. Through our schooling "mock" show opportunities, we are able to convert our  classroom & introduce new elements for those egar young horsemen and women looking to challenge themselves and take their riding career a step further. These unique events look, feel, and cost exactly like a traditional competition with the flexibility of a classroom and offer a bridge to constructive criticism. For those less interested in showing to a judge, we offer 6 types of classes specifically designed to help each individual, helping them focus more on their own personal interests, with or without horse involvement. Like our horses, we like to share sunshine and fresh air with good company and we are proud to play host to such a wonderful community hub. Thanks to our sponsors, the costs for our youth program activities and events are easier to shoulder and for that we couldn't be more grateful! We love being a place where not just the horsemen can thrive, but also his or her family and friends feel welcomed!

Become a Sponsor

Sponsor the W.A Mock Show season

Gold $300 

+Arena banner at both events, Platform links on all our media ads for both events, & event announcements supporting the business products &/or services

Silver $200

+Platform links on all out media ads for both events & event announcements supporting the business products &/or services

Bronze $100

+event announcements for one event supporting the business products &/or services

All sponsors receive a Show Team photo for their home or business & some W.A merch as a token of our appreciation!

Receive a Sponsorship

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We love "hand-me-downs" and deeply appreciate items new or used that you feel still have life left to give. We often donate those same items to students that have horses of their own that could use these gems!

Tack, equipment, pads, blankets, even left-over fly sprays are all greatly appreciated and we are happy to coordinate pick up or drop off with you!


Monetary Donations Welcome!

 We believe the benefits of horses are meant to be shared which is why we try hard to supplement costs and make riding more affordable for our guests. Every cent counts and that's why we couldn't be more grateful for our supporters who feel moved enough to donate! Even just $5.00 means a bottle of new fly repellent to keep our ponies comfortable. A happy pony is a healthy pony! 

For donations of $50.00US + 

we gladly gift an official W.A T-shirt, sticker, and photo of one of our ponies as a gesture of our sincerest thanks. After you've submitted your gift, please email us with your preferred mailing address so we can ship it directly!

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1748 Flying W Trl. 

Hillsborough NC 27278

Attn: Julia Walker/Walker Acres

contact us

Rides by appointment only

Normal Hours Monday, Wednesday - Friday 3p-7p
p: (984)215-0023


6525 [A] Schley Rd. 

Hillsborough NC 27278

**Stay left at the fork in the drive and follow the W.A signs**

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